Faith. Values. Help.
Little girl in Brazil.

On behalf of our Religious Congregation, I say to you: Fraternally welcome.

We are a community of Religious Brothers who share our lives with each other. Also with others who are close to us. In the Franciscan spirit we try to live our daily lives as Religious Brothers in prayer an active concern for others. Faith, values and help are key words which are important to us and which we want to share with you on this website.



The foundation
of our Congregation

… wants to understand life. To live attentively. To have confidence. To feel fullfillment. To reach the One. Weave all the threads into one fabric. 



Practiced for the benefit
of society

… are something valuable. They do not fall from the sky. We have to evaluate our ideals, attitudes, circumstances. 



Commitment for
needy people

… to those who need help. In the dynamics of a time that brings or forces self-confident, determined and well-educated people to rise in life, others are left behind.

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